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Organic B12 Spray, Histamines, and Detox/Herxing

Just a quick note to say that the product in the last post is working well for me and my family member who previously had a histamine reaction (hives &¬†swollen tongue) with the 1st sublingual liquid I tried. That as … Continue reading

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Lyme, MTHFR, B12 & Allergies

Since I last wrote, a¬†relative who tried the Solgar Liquid B12 w/B-Complex had a histamine reaction that put her in the hospital. I don’t know if she’s got Lyme, but there’s a good chance she has MTHFR since I can … Continue reading

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B12, MTHFR gene mutation, and Lyme disease

Lots of research done since my last post on B12, and things like mood, sleep, and energy levels are much better than they’ve been- probably ever! LOL, have to laugh… I found out that up to 40% of the population … Continue reading

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Almost 4 Years Later!!!

First, I want to thank Angela for influencing me to start this Lyme disease awareness site in 2011, right before she passed (from complications from Lyme- we met online, and I’ll forever be grateful to her and still pray for … Continue reading

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B-12 Deficiency and Lyme disease- Part 1 (#INSOMNIAfix?)

Unfortunately, I’ve become very aware of B-12 deficiency because an elderly family member has been hospitalized 3 times in the last 6 months from falling and weakness due to this. In her case, it is the Metformin aka Glucophage that … Continue reading

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Does Colloidal (ionic) Silver Create Lyme Superbugs?

No- there has been no report or evidence to show that silver creates any resistance or immunity in the pathogens which are killed by it. Properly made, in my experience, there is no argyria (bluing of the skin) or side … Continue reading

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In Remission from Lyme disease after 4 years of Colloidal Silver

Right now, I’m working with FasterEFT (much better and different than the original “Tapping” or “Emotional Freedom Technique”). Looking back, I can see that I have been symptom free except for periods of extreme stress- I am dealing with PTSD … Continue reading

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