Organic B12 Spray, Histamines, and Detox/Herxing

Just a quick note to say that the product in the last post is working well for me and my family member who previously had a histamine reaction (hives & swollen tongue) with the 1st sublingual liquid I tried. That as well as the sublingual tablet I subsequently used gave me insomnia, and all the reactions I believe are tied to the artificial “Natural Flavor” and preservatives. So far, the “Garden of Life” brand “Kind Organics” B12 spray (that I use sublingually for better absorption) is working so well I’m starting to work out every day for the first time since I was re-infected in Sept 2010. I’m also finally sleeping better.

Last week, I had a 4 day headache that was reminiscent of the herxing/detoxing reactions I had with the silver, especially during the first year or two of treatment. I haven’t herxed or detoxed on silver so long, it caught me off guard although I had read about methyl-B12 (methylcobalamin) opening up the detox pathways and causing some log-jams as the body tries to process the extra load. Taking methylfolate (instead of folic acid) and P-5-P (methyl B6) along with the B-12 no doubt threw me into a herx that I wasn’t really prepared for. Let’s face it- all I know to do is hunker down and wait for it to pass…

I’ve had exercise throw me into herxes and flare-ups before I even knew I had Lyme- anything that increases circulation and boosts the immune system can cause this: exercise, silver, or methylated B-vitamins. That’s my experience, and I’m sharing it just in case this has happened to anyone else. It can be confusing, since the things we do that should be good for us leave us feeling worse and defeated, at least until our body is able to adjust. This is for me where addressing the root cause of dis-ease is different than treating symptoms (which can make us feel better for the moment, often by numbing it out and with a price to pay of more advanced illness, later on). With 4-1/2 yrs of fighting this fight, at least I know what’s going on, and I know if I hang in there, it does get better. 😉

No results back on the MTHFR genetic testing- but with the herxing/detoxing, I can tell that the 3 methylated B-vitamins I’m taking are helping. In a way, I’m glad the report isn’t back, so I can continue to read my body and intuition on what is working and what is not. It also makes sense why the food-grade diatomaceous earth I tried years ago was poorly tolerated (as is alcohol of any kind- wine, beer, anything gives me a terrible reaction). I believe that it worked TOO well, and my body wasn’t able to detox the dead parasites fast enough, even with a teeny, tiny amount. So evidently, MTHFR mutations need to be addressed first, and probably others I’m yet to learn about? Healing, it’s a journey…

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring, and Happy Easter ahead of time!!! 🙂


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