In Remission from Lyme disease after 4 years of Colloidal Silver

Right now, I’m working with FasterEFT (much better and different than the original “Tapping” or “Emotional Freedom Technique”). Looking back, I can see that I have been symptom free except for periods of extreme stress- I am dealing with PTSD from childhood and have been working to heal that, as well. My belief is that in my case, it was the trauma, abuse, and PTSD which laid the foundation that Lyme/Babesia could take root in. ALL infections are opportunistic, waiting for stress or trauma to weaken the host’s immune system. This is why some people can be infected but asymptomatic… And they might remain that way for a lifetime and never even know they are infected, although they are carriers and probably vectors (through blood and sexual contact) of the disease-causing organisms (much like people who are vaccinated with live strains of pathogens). Or, an extreme stress or trauma may occur- the loss of a loved one, divorce, a car wreck (even a seemingly minor one), getting fired, filing for bankruptcy, etc… Then, the immune system is weakened and the stealth pathogens take the opportunity to strike the host’s body, so the symptoms emerge. The symptoms may come days, weeks, months or even years after infection, because the bacteria/viruses/fungi/parasites could have been held in check up to that point by a healthy & well-functioning immune system.

So, my stress levels have drastically decreased, due to a lifestyle change initiated by me (namely, avoiding dramatic situations and people). Having no symptoms in this time period has caused me to reflect back, and without having kept a symptom journal- I can see how stress-related my symptoms have been. In fact, I can’t remember when I last had pure Lyme symptoms… It is really impossible to tell. I just wish I’d made these changes sooner- but this is part of the gift of Lyme (and I want to see it like a gift, as it says in the Bible that God uses all things for our good- whether or not we can see how). Sometimes it makes us look at our lives and HAVE to make changes that are good and healthy for US, even if others do not approve of or appreciate them. Those who truly love us DO want what’s best for us.

FasterEFT (see videos in my last post) is helping me heal the stress and trauma caused by decades of repeating patterns that I learned at least as far back as childhood- maybe even further back than that? It is a tool to get to the ROOT of any disease or problem (not even health-related). It clears dysfunctional thinking patterns which cause negative emotions, and those emotions can wreak havoc on our bodies, our minds, and our well-being. There are so many free videos on youtube and the website, I’ll have a lot to work with. The regular tapping (EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique) that I had been trying off and on for years just didn’t quite work as well as this modified and simpler (quicker) version. I’m sharing this information with all of you, in case it can help anyone. Anyone can benefit, with or without Lyme disease or a co-infection. We all have flawed ways of thinking that are holding us back and causing some kind of pain or suffering in at least one area of our lives (but probably more- that’s just part of being human!).

So, finally- I can say I’m in remission from Lyme. I will stay on a maintenance dosage of silver until I know it is safe to stop- I cannot afford a relapse. Silver is so easy and affordable to make, it really doesn’t matter to me how much longer I take it. There are no side effects, so I’ll be praying for guidance to let me know when it’s time to stop. Until then, I’ll be clearing patterns and strengthening my immune system, as well as achieving a happier and more peaceful quality of life by improving my thoughts, my belief systems, and my emotional state. And, I no longer consider myself a “Lymie”. I refuse to be identified with this or any disease, which I believe can be a dangerous thing for those of us who really want to get well and stay well. My focus from here on out is on health and wellness, joy, peace and all the good things God intended for me and for you! 😉

I hope the information on this website has been helpful and I wish you luck on your healing journeys. Anything else I find that helps me achieve better health and well-being I will share here for you. From this day forward- I consider myself living Life after Lyme, and I’m going to do my best to make the rest of my life the BEST of my life!!! 🙂


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