EXACTLY How I Make My Colloidal Silver for Lyme

  1. Using a tester from SilverGen which has been newly calibrated with calibrating solution (also from SilverGen), test 3-4 brands of locally available “steam-distilled” water, and use ONLY water that tests 2ppm or under. Pick lowest ppm water and check at least every 6 months to make sure the water is still of good quality- this will entail RE-calibrating the tester, which means ordering more calibration solution every 6 months to make sure both the water and the CS solution you are making is exactly the ppm that you think it is (PPM means “parts per million” and is VERY important for knowing how pure the water you use is, and how strong you are making your CS).
  2. Using the lowest ppm water locally available to you, always under 2 ppm to maintain purity and therefore, safety- fill a clean 32 oz Ball jar with said water, leaving about 1-2 inches of airspace at the top of the jar (never add anything else to your water, and make sure it is room temperature (not refrigerated). Follow this video for the SilverEdge CS generator, which is the unit I have been using for almost 4 years, now. ***NOTE- I run my generator for 12 hrs to make the 24-25ppm “double strength” solution***
  3. Use the ppm tester to make sure the silver you are making is under 30ppm to be most effective for internal use- anything above 30ppm won’t be small enough to penetrate.
  4. I use clean 32 oz amber-colored beer bottles to store my silver in, to protect it from light. Only light and magnetism (including your refrigerator- never, ever put your CS inside or next to your refrigerator because of the coils on the back, which are magnetic) will degrade your silver, so avoid both of these when you are storing yours in GLASS only, in a DARK place, and AWAY FROM the refrigerator. Also, don’t use metal to store or measure your silver in, only glass or ceramic (like a coffee cup to drink out of). Also, do not use plastic to store (ok to measure) CS, as it collects static and will over time cause the silver ions to fall out of solution. It is probably OK to drink CS from plastic.
  5. I also filter mine through a coffee filter inserted into a funnel, to remove silver oxide gray flecks that may form on the silver electrodes, so that the end solution is pure CS.
  6. This is the method that has been working for me, at 8 oz of 24-25ppm CS, for 4 years in December. I have experience NO side effects apart from herxing (detox reaction), and the Lyme/Babsesia is in remission, with minor flares when I’m experiencing stress (stress depresses the immune system, so stress reduction is imperative to beat Lyme!).
  7. NOTE- I would always treat silver like dairy when medication is concerned (such as doxycycline, with dairy restrictions). This is because both calcium (in dairy) and silver are metals. In the case of Doxy, just pretend the silver is dairy, to avoid preventing absorption of the medicine. That’s what I did, not that I’d EVER take Doxy again!!!
  8. One last thing- CS should ALWAYS look just like regular water, until you shine a laser pointer through it. If there is silver in suspension, you will be able to see the red beam through the water (try it with plain steam-distilled water to see the difference). Old school CS makers think that the solution has to be yellow or even opaque (like mud!) to be effective, when exactly the OPPOSITE is true. To the naked eye, a high quality CS solution should look like clear, clean, regular steam-distilled water. Period. 😉

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1 Response to EXACTLY How I Make My Colloidal Silver for Lyme

  1. Paul says:

    Thank you for posting this clarification, and for sharing your journey with CS. It has provided direction to CS treatment that mainstream medicine won’t touch.

    I am following your protocol and definitely experiencing healing. I also believe that when you give your life to the Lord, He guides you to healing. He knows what we’re fighting and how to eliminate it from our lives, and He speaks! It is subtle… like the still small voice, but He leads – if we will listen. And on that topic please allow me to recommend Dallas Willard’s book, ‘Hearing God’.

    My wife and I believe I contracted Babesia in 1986. I am asplenic (my spleen was removed post trauma when I was 7 years old) which makes me more vulnerable. I haven’t been able to sleep for decades, have night sweats, and perspire with the least exertion. I heard about CS from a friend of a friend. We had some in the cabinet, so I took it and noticed the night sweats stopped.

    I bought the same CS generator and tester, and it’s been over a month of using it along with the enzymes (Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase) for breaking down biofilms. The PPM levels were lower, but I will increase the time the unit runs to get the levels you mention.

    Again, thank you for sharing your experience and I am encouraged by my progress with CS.

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