Colloidal Silver, Biofilm Busting Enzymes, and Detoxing

I’m trying to get to some of the questions and comments by posting my answers for everyone to see, since many of the same questions get asked. This is the colloidal silver (aka ionic silver) protocol I that I use. I’ve been using silver for 4 years in December. It did take 5 months to work up to the full amount I take, which is 8 oz @ 24-25ppm. I take this last thing before bed, because it is an alkaline solution which will neutralize stomach acid, especially in someone like me who tends to not have enough stomach acid to digest food properly. Having enough salt in my diet helps both with digestion and fighting Lyme, as well as supporting my tired adrenal glands, which are wore out from fighting chronic infections for so long. When I was taking the enzymes to dissolve biofilms (Nattokinase and Serrapeptase), I would take them together on an empty stomach in between meals (30-45 minutes before or after food) and not with my silver.

The last thing I do before bed is brush my teeth and drink the 8 oz silver, swishing it around in my mouth quite a bit before swallowing. That way, it can help kill any bacteria in my mouth, in between my teeth or around my gums, which helps to fight cavities and gingivitis (gum disease), both caused by bacteria biofilms on the teeth, which feed on sugar. I’ve heard that folks with metal (mercury) fillings find the silver a bit irritating, but I only have one composite filling and don’t find the metallic taste any more annoying than holding a metal spoon in my mouth. If the metallic taste is too discomforting, I would imagine it might be helpful to use a straw to get the solution past the teeth and fillings? The only downside to taking the CS last thing before bed is that I do have to get up and use the bathroom in the middle of the night, but it is a small price to pay IMO, to be giving my stomach acid all night to recover in time to digest breakfast, and to be fighting Lyme.

I used to split up the silver in the beginning, but somehow I decided taking it all at once worked best for me, and packs more of a punch by flooding my body w/silver ions all at one time. Again, just sharing what works for me, just in case it helps anyone else who is fighting Lyme on their own. YMMV, so follow your gut and your heart- and don’t forget to pray and ask for guidance. That was what helped me the most- praying, and then listening for the answer (that still, small voice) and following the “signs”. That’s how I found silver and Kombucha tea. Ask and ye shall receive!

There is no cookie-cutter formula for victory over Lyme… It is a healing journey, and each person is going to figure out what is right for herself. One thing I wish I’d done a better job at is keeping a journal- so start one now, if you haven’t already. This way you have a record of what you tried and how it made you feel. Also, don’t forget detox. I’ll be writing a post on this soon, but detox is at least 1/2 the battle against Lyme (killing it is the other 1/2). Epsom salt baths, lemon water, Kombucha tea, chlorella, NAC, liver support herbs (milk thistle, dandelion root tea), drinking clean water w/a pinch of salt or baking soda to support the adrenals, infrared saunas, and dry skin brushing are all good things to support detox and help avoid harsh Herxheimer reactions.

Please see my links page for info on where I got my colloidal silver generator, ppm tester, and calibration solution for the tester. I do not sell this equipment, but I do believe that the methods I use create a high-quality CS solution that penetrates deep into the body to follow the Borrelia bacteria deep into the body where it hides. This requires a small particle size and non-clumping silver ions with under a 30ppm concentration for oral use, since anything above 30 ppm causes agglomeration or clumping of the ions. This renders the particles too large to penetrate deep enough to find Lyme in the bone marrow, or to cross the blood-brain barrier.

For this reason, only “steam-distilled” water of less than 2 ppm should be used to generate CS, to make sure the end product is pure, and not full of unknown silver compounds.  Using dirty water (tap, filtered, reverse osmosis, etc…) in my opinion, as well as adding salt (something that used to be popular when using a battery -operated “Beck” generator was the only option), creates an inferior silver solution that will be less effective against pathogens and more likely to cause argyria, or grey-bluing of the skin and mucous membranes. All cases of argyria that I have heard of seem to involve silver salts, silver nitrates, or other unknown silver compounds which are too large to metabolize and get stuck in the skin. Pure silver ions suspended in pure water are so much tinier than the molecules in regular antibiotics or silver compounds, so they are not only much safer and effective, they are absorbed high enough in the digestive tract to not harm the good gut flora. It is still, however, a good idea to take probiotics and consume cultured foods such as Kombucha tea, water kefir, sauerkraut, yogurt, etc… EDIT, 5/30/18: I no longer make or consume fermented foods due to Lyme causing high histamines.

I hope this helps to answer some frequently asked questions.


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