Kombucha Tea- Lyme disease and coinfections

So, I’ve been drinking this ancient elixir of fermented cultured (LIVING!!!) tea every day for over a month, now. The results have been miraculous! I’m so grateful to have found this healthy beverage and obtained a mother culture through a dear, dear friend of mine- so I can make my own! This is a HUGE relief in money saved, at $4 for a 16 oz bottle, if you buy at a health food store. I drink 1/4-1/2 a bottle a day (it is powerful stuff, and especially potent to help the body balance and heal- more is not always better), and the fresh tea that I make has little to NO alcohol content (which some of the store-bought has, although in very small quantities, less than %0.5), caffeine or sugar. Here is a link to find out more about how to make your own, from the amazing website, Cultures For Health:


If you are interested in buying some and getting started drinking it right away, here is a link to my favorite brand which we have at one local health food store and the Fresh Market supermarket (I’m positive it would also be at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, etc…). The brand is called GT’s Kombucha (SYNERGY), and it is my favorite brand to buy:


I recommend trying the SYNERGY (the best flavor IMO is Trilogy, but there are many to choose from, with and without chia seeds) bottled drinks and keeping the glass bottles so that when you decide to make it for yourself you won’t have to buy extra bottles for the 2nd brew, which adds flavor and carbonation but requires airtight glass bottles. That way, you can start drinking right away, and experiencing all of the awesome benefits NOW, while you are searching for a mother culture (AKA- SCOBY, or Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) and some starter tea to start brewing your own. This fermented tea has been around since at least 220 BC, originating in Ancient China. Some sources trace it back further to Korea, around 400-500 BC. It was recently “discovered” by the Western world after villages in Russia were found where no one got cancer. The “why?” behind this question is that the villagers were all making and drinking this tasty beverage!

So, here are just a FEW of the proposed (not proven) benefits of drinking Kombucha Tea:

  • Detoxification of the body (especially liver and kidneys)
  • Cancer-fighter, boosts and fortifies the immune system*** (fights Lyme and Co!!!)
  • Creates an inhospitable internal environment for pathogens in the body
  • Probiotics- “good” bacteria and fungi that help build good gut flora
  • Adaptogen- helps improve mood and fight stress because it’s rich in B-vitamins
  • Chock full of antioxidants, which help slow the aging process in the body
  • Anti-inflammatory enzymes to decrease pain and stiffness, swelling in the body
  • GREAT digestive aid, improves the health of the entire digestive tract!
  • It’s a LIVING food, and has a LIFEFORCE, which gives us energy without crashing
  • Weight loss happens without even trying, decreased bloating in abdomen!
  • Dissolves calcifications in the body (for example, gout “crystals” in the joints)
  • It tastes great (trust me, if you don’t think this right away, give it time- it WILL grow on you!), fizzy, yummy, and addictive- in a GOOD way, because it makes you feel good…
  • It’s a healthy habit to replace any other “negative” habit! Or, just start a new one! 😉

For ME- the biggest improvements have been: better mood, less pain in both muscles and joints, more energy, more restful sleep, fewer headaches (minus one big herx, a GOOD sign, actually!!!), losing weight, better digestion, happier liver and kidneys, chiropractic adjustments holding better, breathing better (less “air hunger” & wheezing from Babesia), and a HUGE dose of hope and inspiration that I’ve finally found the perfect compliment to the colloidal silver. 🙂 This tea seems to be an answer to prayer that has taken care of basically all of the remaining symptoms I had (mainly from the Babesia, which the silver was holding at bay but not completely eradicating). God is good! What else can I say?

So, if you are looking for “the answer” for yourself- I suggest giving this wonderful ancient concoction of living probiotic organisms and benefical ingredients a try! Let me know what you think, after drinking at least 2-4 oz a day. I could tell a difference in less than a week, and a phenomenal difference after several weeks. Over a month- I’m a new person! I can’t make any guarantees that you will have exactly the same results, but I do know that Kombucha Tea will improve anyone’s sense of health and wellbeing, if you give it a chance. It certainly can’t hurt anyone. At the least- we ALL need more probiotics, but especially those of us who have been on lots of antibiotics due to Lyme and coinfections, or other reasons (acne, surgery, heart trouble, etc…) which may or may not be related 😉

Good luck and good drinking! Cheers- here’s to our health, our happiness and our bright futures. Who knows what miracles and wonderful surprises God has in store for us? Life is short and life is the most precious gift any of us have- let’s take responsibility for making ours the best it can be, so that we can touch the lives of others in the most positive ways we can, in the time we have left… (and thanks again, Jean- for getting me hooked on KT!)

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