PREVENT Lyme where it starts in your yard!

DAMMINIX- Tick Tubes

Right now, these are available on eBay for $20/6 tubes. If I had ticks in my yard, I’d certainly want to use these (or make my own with cut PVC pipes and cotton balls soaked in permethrin or pyrethrin, using protective gloves/mask). 6 tubes treats 1/2 to 1 acre of land, 1/8 acre of mouse habitat. Since mice are the primary host of deer ticks, and the reservoir where the Lyme bacteria is harbored, using these tick tubes will drastically prevent the transmission of Borrelia to the ticks that bite us and our pets. More on Lyme disease and our pets in my next post… The best way I know how to fight Lyme disease is to PREVENT it. Tick season is almost upon us, here in the US. Please check out these tick tubes, especially if you live in a rural area frequented by deer and/or mice.


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