A Quick Update

My goal is to catch up on pending comments by May, which is Lyme disease awareness month. Since my last post, I have gotten much more busy with working more and raising a new puppy, which curtails the time I get to have online.

I am able to do more, so I continue to feel better, but ONLY if I practice regular (daily) self-care:

  • taking my supplements without forgetting,
  • getting enough sleep and down-time,
  • taking a break from the pc and cell (EMF),
  • taking breaks to get fresh air and a little exercise (like restorative yoga or walking when weather permits),
  • limiting my time around people who drain my energy and stress me out (this can be hard, especially when it is family or someone I really care about),
  • getting alone-time to unwind and process,
  • committing to regular chiropractic and bodywork/massage,
  • eating healthy REAL food (staying away from sugar, processed foods, caffeine, and MSG),

Balance is a key part of my recovery, and I spend most of my time and attention on maintaining it, since once it is lost, quite a bit of effort is required to get it back! So, course-correcting has to occur as soon as possible when I’m feeling off-balance to keep moving forward in remission and rebuilding my health & well-being. I am still taking silver and still no side effects. I am 20 months into the full protocol (plus 5 months of ramping up in the beginning), and my Lyme Dr. said at least, I should treat a minimum of one month of treatment for every year I had gone undiagnosed. So, 20 years = 20 months. She also said, on the other hand, some people will require constant treatment for the rest of their lives. While I am hoping this will not be the case for me, I plan on striking a “happy medium” somewhere in between the two extremes. Relapse is not an option for me, period.

After spending the money on the Pyroluria test, I had high hopes that it would reflect the results of the questionnaire in the book I recommended in my last post. Unfortunately, it did not. However, I noticed that before I took the test, the supplements I had started (following the protocol in same book) were helping me feel better in so many ways. As soon as I went off of them for a month to give the extra nutrients time to clear out of my system before the test (I had been on them for a month), I started to feel worse. Right after I took the test, I got back on them and again, began to feel better. So, even though the test was no help, the protocol in the book for Pyroluria has been worth following. Anytime I have missed my supplements, I have quickly noticed a HUGE difference that is qualitative rather than quantitative. I think it is worth it to give the protocol a try, especially for a month or two, for anyone who scores high on the questionnaire- that is just my opinion, but I have proven to myself that the supps DO help!

Also, a word on herxing. When I started taking colloidal silver, it took me 5 months to get up to the full ND protocol I refer to on my LINKS page, because of herxing. It is SO VERY IMPORTANT for anyone who is being treated for Lyme to understand this means they will feel WORSE before they feel BETTER. This is because we are not just treating symptoms, the root of the symptoms is being addressed- Borrelia bacteria are dying and causing a DETOX issue in the body, which can create new symptoms or worsen old ones. This is how I knew the protocol was working! I also herxed when adding the biofilm-busting enzymes- because MORE bacteria were dying off.

I have seen so many people stop treatment when they start to herx. This, IMO, is the worst thing we can do. Herxing means we are getting somewhere. I would not raise my dosage of CS during herxing, but I would do more to detox, and hold there until the herx passed. It might take a few days or a few weeks, but herxing does not last forever! The more effort is made to detox, the milder and shorter the detox crisis will be. Quitting treatment means starting all over again, and I have seen so many people do this instead of step-up the effort to detox.

Some people swear by saunas, but I just don’t tolerate heat well. I drink lots of fresh water every day, drink dandelion root tea (helps the liver), squeeze fresh lemon in my herbal teas and water, take chlorella and a liver detox supplement, take NAC (a precursor to glutathione and MUCH cheaper), eat fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise lightly every day and practice deep breathing into my diaphragm, both of which moves lymph- moving lymph is ESSENTIAL for detoxing. Lymph cannot move if we are dehydrated, so 8-10 glasses of water a day is required to keep everything moving, including the colon. Magnesium helps me with that by pulling water into the colon. The faster we can flush the toxins created by die-off out of our bodies, the better we will feel! These are just some ideas to help minimize herxing and help our bodies detox more easily.

So, it has been a true blessing to get to feeling so much better that I can work more, enjoy a new furbaby, and start to get my life back again. The price to pay is less time online, but I still hope this blog is helping some people on their journey to wellness and health after chronic Lyme. Thank you for reading… Knowledge is power, that I know for sure.

Until next time, keeping you all in my prayers as you heal and grow through the challenges. This too shall pass! Have faith and believe in yourself and your body’s amazing ability to regenerate, if given the right conditions. Listen to your body and your intuition- together, they are the best compass to point you in the right direction towards creating a brighter, healthier future. It is the inner voices of wisdom and guidance, along with a loving, supportive network of friends and family, that will help you reach your goals in life- health or otherwise. But, health is the foundation that lies beneath all the other things life has to offer, so we must stay mindful of that, knowing our body is the most valuable possession any of us will ever have. If we treat it with that kind of respect, we will have a rock to build our castles on. If we lose sight of that, our castles built on sand will crumble every time. Life is incredibly precious! Investing in our health is the best investment we could ever make!


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