Apologies… BUT, I’m on to something HUGE!!! HPU/KPU Pyroluria (Dr. Klinghardt says 80% of Lymies may have it!)

First of all, I do apologize for not attending to this blog for awhile (not posting or responding to comments- well, I’m going to get back to everyone very soon, I promise!). ALL of my extra time and energy has been spent for the last few months researching a very important piece of the Lyme disease puzzle. Dr. Klinghardt says that 80% of his Lyme patients have a nutritional deficiency in Vitamin B6 and Zinc called HPU/KPU Pyroluria, “Mauve Factor”, kryptopyroluria, and many other names.

Not being a biochemist myself (but having a good grasp of chemistry in general), it has been very time-consuming and overwhelming to really understand Pyroluria- its causes, its treatment, and other complications from both the condition and the treatment. I am NOT a doctor, just a normal person who has been sick for a very long time- so NOTHING I say on this blog should be taken as medical advice. I pray, a LOT, to get guidance and answers for myself and my health- and I am sharing what I am learning and what is helping me, just in case it might help inform anyone else.

The truth is, that I have a great doctor- BUT no one person (doctor or not) knows everything. So, much of my time since I finally got diagnosed with Lyme disease after 20 years of being seriously ill and often close to death (literally), has been consumed with doing the research and studying about health and wellness on my own, to fill in the missing puzzle pieces that I need to continue healing and feeling my best. My goal is to be able to function normally and feel good in my own body- something that has been fleeting and almost impossible up to just recently!

Finding out about Pyroluria and starting to address it has created both feeling better than I ever have before, but also detoxing and herxing like crazy. So, as with Lyme, dealing with Pyroluria can cause a person to feel worse before they feel better. Go figure, LOL. We are used to that, at least. And, because we are not just treating the symptoms but dealing with the root causes of illness and dis-ease, the result is true healing. Which is a process, and takes patience. A lot more patience than the “band-aids” that most Pharma drugs require to see “results”. I have to admit- what I am after is complete remission, which means for ME, a cure. I may not get that, but I HAVE to try. If I get close, I’ll only feel better in the long run. I will never, ever, ever give up hope! And, when I find something that helps me, I’ll share it with you.

Please start learning more about Pyroluria by reading this article and watching Dr. Klinghardt’s excellent video. As I get more information that will add to these resources- I’ll pass them on as soon as I can.


Many, many blessings to all of you on your healing journeys! I keep all of us in my prayers. Every day. It certainly can’t hurt, and I know that faith and hope have been the only things keeping me going, at times.

ps- This PDF has a great article about Pyroluria and Klinghardt by Scott Forsgren (aka Better Health Guy):



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  1. knowlyme says:

    PS- I’d love to hear from you about your experiences treating Lyme and Pyroluria… I’ve been supplementing on my own, but really hope to get the support of my doctor in helping me out. One thing I keep reading is not to try to deal with Pyroluria on your own, mainly because the detoxing can be so harsh and also that it takes testing that can only be ordered by a doctor to determine the correct dosages of the vitamins and nutrients that are used to treat it. Tomorrow, I’ll be taking some print-outs to my doctor and hoping he’s heard of the condition or at the very least, open to hearing and learning about it. Honestly, I’ve been pretty much on my own dealing with Lyme, just because it’s not in my budget to go out of town to see an LLMD. If I weren’t limited financially, I’d definitely go to Seattle and see Dr. Klinghardt. A girl can dream, right?

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