Liver and Kidney lab test come back A-OK!!!

Just a quick note to say my labs last month came back GREAT, showing that the colloidal silver I am making and taking is VERY SAFE for my body. My liver and kidneys are normal and happy, and I am still taking the full dose of Nancy Delise’s MS protocol (oral only, never did the IV, don’t like needles LOL!), since May 2011. I am thrilled about this, my doctor is thrilled about this- no side effects, no turning blue, etc… This just goes to prove to me that what I am making, pure silver ions in pure distilled water is good quality colloidal silver that not only works to kill the Borrelia and Babesia that I had for 20 years, but that it does so without side effects (except for herxing as I raised my dosage and added the enzyme support to dissolve biofilms and help me detox) or injury to my body.  Please check out my LINKS page to see what natural Lyme treatment I am talking about.


God is good! I owe it all to Him for leading me to the colloidal silver that has saved my life.

ps- Basically all my Lyme symptoms are gone, and the ones I am left with are all ones I had BEFORE getting bitten by that tick when I was 16. Come to find out they are all symptoms associated with a thyroid imbalance, even though my thyroid labs come back in the normal ranges. So, I am currently researching the thyroid and iodine deficiency, hoping to be able to post about this very soon. Dr. Klinghart, a leading Lyme doctor in Seattle, WA who uses natural treatments (Remember Dana in the movie Under Our Skin? She moved to Seattle to see him), says that getting the thyroid balanced and supplementing with iodine (since most people are deficient, even here in the US!) are SO important in beating Lyme for good. Getting better is one thing, but staying better and not relapsing is another.

I hope this info will take care of my remaining symptoms that I have had since I was born. My Mom and sister also show signs of hypothyroid, but not sure what their lab tests have shown, except that my Mom is on Armour (a natural hormone) for her thyroid. My paternal grandmother is on synthetic thyroid hormone, so thyroid issues run on both sides of my family tree. Thyroid health is SO important for getting better, staying better, and just plain feeling good. Every other hormone in the body depends on it! Oh, and the functioning of the immune system depends on a healthy thyroid as well! HUGE for Lyme.

More on this later…


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