Colloidal Silver Is Still Beating Lyme Disease, 1 Year Later!

Last year following Thanksgiving, after 2.5 months of Doxycycline and a wrecked GI tract to prove it, I took myself off of the oral antibiotics, even though I knew they were killing the Borrelia bacteria but causing Candida to flourish.  Having lost my appetite, major bloating, indigestion and constant sharp pains in my abdomen when I forced myself to eat something, I knew there had to be another BETTER way to beat Lyme.  After all, just a few weeks earlier, the Lyme doctor I had seen for the first time told me to count on 1 month of antibiotics for every year I’ve had Lyme.  So for me, that was at least 20 months.  I knew I wouldn’t survive the antibiotics even one more month, much less 18 more.  Some people can afford to go on IV antibiotics, but I couldn’t even afford to make the 4 hour drive North to visit my LLMD again.  Faith that God would lead me in the right direction was all I had when I stopped taking those horrible pharmaceuticals.  And, he did.

I prayed, almost constantly, and spent all my time researching the Internet for an alternative Lyme treatment, one with less or no side-effects.  Already so sick after going undiagnosed for 20 years, my body just could not handle any more problems on top of having Lyme and the detoxing that is inevitable with ANY treatment, caused by the die-off of the Bb bacteria that causes Lyme disease.  I noticed the only thing I kept reading about, usually anecdotally, that people said cured their Lyme was colloidal silver, and luckily, it was something I was already familiar with and knew how to make.  I found Nancy Delise’s MS protocol  (see my LINKS page and links, above) and started on the oral part only, having no access to a port or way to inject the CS.  Oral would just have to do!

I started at 2 oz/day of 10ppm CS, finally working up to the full 16oz by May, when I purchased a CS generator that made higher quality solution (smaller particle size, so it penetrates into the body better, where Lyme bacteria hide).  And, the rest is history.  one year later, I’m not 100% but I’d say I’ve improved 80%, at least.  According to my LLMD, the 20 months would be a minimum, and she said some chronic Lyme patients have to endure treatment for the rest of their lives!  I honestly doubt that will be me, but we’ll just have to see.  I’ll be just fine to continue on like this, taking CS for at least another year (maybe 2?) recovering and regaining my strength, my health, my life.  Jordan Fisher Smith in Under Our Skin said it took him 3 years to feel “normal”, and he wasn’t sick for as long as I was.  I’ve got patience, and I’m so thankful to God for showing me that there was a better way to fight Lyme… A way that I can afford and doesn’t cause any extra suffering. God is good.  Nattokinase and Serrapeptase are also important parts of my recovery, as they dissolve biofilms and make the CS more effective (also help with detox).

I just hope by sharing my experience here, even if just one person can get help sooner than I did and suffer less pain and despair as a result, I can “pay it forward”.   Be well.


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4 Responses to Colloidal Silver Is Still Beating Lyme Disease, 1 Year Later!

  1. Alwynne Hellfach says:

    Yes, I have used CS, it is where I started as I was/am lucky enough to have friend-ed one of the most incredible persons I have ever met. He is the CS Man here on the east coast. I started by both drinking and using IV it is what has saved my life, being in a very infected area of the US, I have since been reinfected, using ABX now but always go back to the CS, the bugs cannot recognize it as a killer because it is a natural element, it explodes their “lungs”!! I hope that your post finds many more Lymies and helps them find health!

    • knowlyme says:

      Wow, Alwynne! Great to hear another Colloidal Silver/Lyme disease success story! I never got the chance to do the IV’s or I probably would have. What a blessing to have the CS Man as your dear friend! Give him a big hug from me!!! I love it that the bacteria cannot get resistant to the CS, unlike other antibiotics. Have you tried Iodine? I’m researching that next, and it is also impossible for the “bugs” to develop a resistance to it. Hopefully I can do a post on the wonders of Iodine very soon! Blessings on your treatment, and thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. humanbeen says:

    Awesome! I just ordered some and am about to start my treatment. I do need to read up more so I can save some money by doing this at home. I heard of CS 16 years ago from a friend, and I’m stoked to do this. I’m just about to look up Nattokinase and Serrapeptase. Thanks for your post!

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