Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead (documentary)

I just finished watching this documentary online, and I was very impressed.  It’s only $2.99 to stream on Amazon.com for a 48-hour rental, and well worth the investment.

I’m so impressed by the Aussie who made the film, Joe Cross, who lost over 72 pounds on a 60-day juice fast, and cured himself of a chronic autoimmune disease, urticaria.  I’m even MORE impressed by the American ex-trucker Phil Staples, who lost way more than that and also cured himself of the same chronic condition (I believe almost 200 lbs, as he was over 400 when he started juice fasting).  I got a Vitamix juicer/blender last year for Christmas, and now, I’m re-inspired to pull it out and start juicing for the holiday season.  Not a fast necessarily, but at least one meal a day replaced with a juice smoothie.  That would certainly help boost my energy AND immune system (which would help fight the Lyme disease and Babesia), aid in detox (and that’s SO important to anyone who has Lyme or chronic pain and inflammation), as well as counteract all the holiday eating that I’d be tempted to do without having a plan like this.  So if I feel better and lose a little weight along the way, that’s just an added bonus!  Hmmm…  Will let you know what I do!  It’s a lot of work, but the cleanup is so easy with a Vitamix, and I kinda think juicing is fun. 🙂 

Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead- Official Movie Website

Since I’ve got a long road of recovery ahead of me, I really think that juicing will help me get better quicker, and now I am feeling better than I did around Christmas of last year, when we got our Vitamix.  Thanks to the colloidal silver!  From everything I have experienced and read, it takes a multi-pronged approach to beat Lyme and permanent lifestyle changes to keep it in remission, but there are people out there that are living proof- like Perry Fields and Jordan Fisher Smith- that it IS possible to get well & stay well.


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