Perry Fields, “The Tick Slayer’s”, new book coming soon!

I’m very inspired by and proud of Perry, who is currently training for the 2012 Olympic trials (after completely recovering from chronic Lyme disease), and am SO excited to share the news about her promising upcoming book:

The Tick Slayer- Battling Lyme Disease And Winning

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When I just signed up for Perry’s book updates, I got this response:

“The Tick Slayer book sure is interesting, exciting and noteworthy; however, if you or a loved one has an autoimmune disease such as: ALS, MS, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Autism or Lyme Disease then sign up for my FREE newsletter at .

Did you know that the medical world is starting to believe that up to 50% of all people with autoimmune disorders might actually have Lyme Disease?

This epidemic isn’t going away anytime soon. So be informed and tell your loved ones you care by forwarding them this email. It could change their life.”

US Athlete Cures Herself of The #1 Growing Infectious Disease (Lyme Disease) and Announces the Release of Her New Book, The Tick Slayer


Acknowledging Lyme disease Awareness Day (May 15th), US Track and Field athlete, Perry Fields, announces the coming release of her tell-all book, The Tick Slayer!

Fields describes the need to write the book, a calling, after a tick bite caused her a 5 year “forced” retirement from track and field, and thousands of people contacting her about how she did it. “I took the path less traveled and was digging REAL deep to find answers to all my medical questions. I was looking for the source of the problem, not just focusing in on the actual bacteria. It took me on a truly whacky and epic journey, so the book is highly entertaining, just from a story point of view.”

After her epic journey to a full recovery, Fields was made aware of the growing epidemic after watching the Lyme documentary, Under Our Skin, which shows the controversy surrounding the disease and the many people deeply affected from the illness.

Fields recalls, “I was in tears after I recovered and knew I was going back to my sport, but I couldn’t ignore the 300,000+ new Lyme victims every year. I knew my story was worth telling because it offers more than just hope for people, it puts medical jargon into laymen terms and highlights all of my health discoveries which are going to knock people’s socks off!” 

She adds, “It’s not just for people with Lyme disease, it’s going to create many AH-HA moments for anyone affected by an autoimmune disorders. I didn’t just have Lyme, I had all sorts of chronic diseases. My body was totally failing me.”

Fields opens her 2011 track and field season this weekend in Los Angeles and will continue to train in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Trails. When Fields speaks of running she admits, “It’s just icing on the cake, but now that I’m back, I have to see how far I can take it. Right now I feel limitless.”


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