Got Pain? Lyme-Related Or Otherwise…

Colloidal silver has brought my pain levels down at least 80-90% since I started taking it in December 2010.  I started with 1oz, then 2, then ramped up 1 oz every 2 weeks or so (herxing every time) until I reached what I am taking now since May on the MS protocol, which is 16 oz/day of 10ppm CS.  To save water, I make mine double-strength (20ppm) so only take 8oz/day.  I was pretty desperate to feel better and get relief from the debilitating migraines, nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, organ pain, etc… Everything used to hurt, even my brain and my teeth, my eyes, ears, and sinuses & other places I didn’t even know could hurt, LOL!   Let’s just say that if you have Lyme disease, it can affect ANYTHING.

The people I know with fibromyalgia and joint pain who start out with 1-2tsp of colloidal silver and then slowly work their way up to taking 1-2 oz/day, are experiencing different degrees of pain relief.  There are so many parasites that cause inflammation and pain in our bodies that CS is effective toward killing: HIV, MRSA, Candida, and other bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, fungi, etc…  I had no idea why I hurt so much before my Lyme and Babesia diagnosis a year ago, when I got reinfected and realized that I’ve had all the Lyme disease symptoms since my first tick bite in 1990.  However, had I not been reinfected, I might not have ever realized there was an infectious basis to my pain, and for that, I am very grateful.   I would have probably never figured it out (or my MD) on my own.

Colloidal silver is worth a try for chronic muscle or joint pain IMO, as there are no side effects except for a detox or Herxheimer reaction that may occur if there is pathogen die-off from taking it (which is a sign that indeed, some critter is at work somewhere in the body, causing an inflammatory or immune response, which in turn causes pain).

Personally, the proof is in the end result for me, only having a fraction of the pain that I used to have for 2 decades of my life- able to work and function again, not 100%, but my LLMD told me that would take awhile, since I had been untreated for so long.  At least one month for every year I’ve had Lyme/Babs, which means I’m in it for the long-haul.  My plans are to stay on this CS protocol until at least February of 2013, or until I am completely symptom-free for 2 months straight.  Then, I’ll go down to a 1-2 oz/day maintenance dose, probably indefinitely, just to ward off a relapse and protect myself from new pathogens and parasites I may be exposed to.  Just to be safe & have peace of mind 😉 

I’ve found something that is affordable, doesn’t cause any damage to my body or side effects, and best of all- I can make it at home, which saves me $1800/mo.  At least.  This is why we don’t hear about CS from the media, because it is not patentable, hence no doctor or pharmaceutical company will get rich off of it.  I won’t make any money telling you about it, but as I found the information I needed to get started free on the Internet,  I’m sharing my experience with you, in hopes that someone out there will read this and need it as much as I did.  For me, collidal silver was an answer to prayers, and a Godsend.

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