BURKYNSKI- The Movie (Must-See!!!)

You can watch the entire movie here, for free!  I recommend this to everyone who has been or is affected by cancer (which is everyone 😉 ).  It’s a real eye-opener about how the system works and whose best interests they have in mind (hint: not ours).  If I had cancer and the money to see Dr. Burzynski, he’s certainly the doctor I would want to see, as his antineoplaston therapy is non-toxic with no-to-few side-effects.  Right now, this therapy is in clinical trials and only cancer patients who have already had chemo and radiation are eligible, with exceptions made for late-stage situations where the cancer is metastatic, or has spread to other parts of the body than where it originally started.  For more info:




Watching this movie has also helped me understand why Lyme disease patients are not getting the treatments they need.  I highly recommend watching Burzynski to all people affected by Lyme or any chronic, long-term, or terminal illness. Very enlightening!



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