Happy Birthday To a Lymie Friend, and a Special Wish!

For my friend who suffers from chronic late-stage Lyme disease:
“For my birthday this year, please help fulfill my only wish by helping spread awareness of the disease that has destroyed my life & continues to cause me immense suffering. I’m asking if you can post this link on your status or even just share with 1 person how serious & debilitating late-stage Lyme disease is… that chronic Lyme is a real disease in dire need of more funding & support so patients won’t continue to suffer, even lose their lives to this disease.  Thank you!”

~Nancy Kaminsky Jay

Lyme Disease Association, Inc- All Volunteer National Nonprofit

Only 10% of all Lyme disease cases are reported, according to the CDC.  Even less than that are correctly diagnosed, falling “outside the stringent surveillance case definition”


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