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BURKYNSKI- The Movie (Must-See!!!)

You can watch the entire movie here, for free!  I recommend this to everyone who has been or is affected by cancer (which is everyone 😉 ).  It’s a real eye-opener about how the system works and whose best interests they have … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To a Lymie Friend, and a Special Wish!

For my friend who suffers from chronic late-stage Lyme disease:   “For my birthday this year, please help fulfill my only wish by helping spread awareness of the disease that has destroyed my life & continues to cause me immense … Continue reading

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Natural Lyme Remedies That Are Working For Me- Part 1

As many of you who are familiar with know, the first and foremost Godsend for me to eradicate my late stage, chronic Lyme, which went 20 years undiagnosed, is homemade colloidal silver.  All the information the MS protocol that … Continue reading

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What To Do If You Have A Bullseye Rash

Less than 50% of those infected remember having a tick bite or a classic bullseye rash. However, if you DO have bullseye rash, keep the tick if you find one and see a doctor IMMEDIATELY! According to ILADS, less than … Continue reading

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