Great News- Elizabeth Made It To MD!!!

I’m so proud of our online Lyme family, Lizzie and Dr. Corey, too!  We raised about $17K in 5 days, just enough for the private jet needed to get Elizabeth to her Dr’s appointment w/Dr. Shoemaker, and today (Tuesday) she saw him and got started on her treatment for biotoxin (mold) illness.  Yay!!!  It was amazing to see all the love and generosity pouring out of the Lyme community, bringing me to tears of joy more than once.  I am extremely proud of Elizabeth for being such a trooper and traveling so far despite how sick she is, to see the doctor who will save her life and get her to the point where she can then go see a Lyme doctor.  It is a long road ahead of her, and all of us who are dealing w/chronic, late-stage neurological Lyme disease, but it is worth soldiering on, as the only other choice we have is to give up and THAT’S JUST NOT AN OPTION!  We must never, ever EVER give up- there is always hope as long as we are here.  I’m just so humbled to have been a part of helping our dear EC, and she is an inspiration to me and so many, with her leonine courage, her steadfast faith, her undying love for God and Jesus, and her unbelievable strength in the face of adversity and pain.  Big, huge healing hugs to Elizabeth and our Corey, who was by her side every step of the way.  Thanks to all of you who have supported Lizzie in any way- with prayer, moral support, a donation- and may God bless you with healing and unconditional love in your lives.  I believe in miracles because I have seen them, time and time again, when God (as Love) is allowed to work through us, using us as a tool for His healing, grace, and mercy.  Praise the Lord, God is Good!!!

ps- If I had to find one blessing I’ve gotten from having Lyme disease is meeting all the amazing, kind, compassionate, loving, fearless, INCREDIBLE people like Elizabeth, Corey, and all the Earth Angels who worked so hard to make sure Lizzie got to go to MD.  Wow.  I tell you, what, I couldn’t find any better group of people to have by my side.  Prayer warriors!  My heart has never been so full of love, or so open.  So grateful, thank you.  🙂


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  1. Sheryl Kenney says:

    Is there any work on how Elizabeth is doing…? There was such a big rally online for her and now nobody can find any info on how she’s doing? Hoping all is well with her…!

    • knowlyme says:

      Hi, Sheryl- thanks so much for asking about Elizabeth. I understand that the doctor’s appointment went well, but the trip itself was very hard on EC. Reportedly, she is in a worse state of health now than before the trip, due to the stress and travel. I am continuing to keep her in my prayers, and ask that you and my other readers do the same. The apartment she is living in apparently is mold-infested, and she needs to move to a healthier space, so the fund-raising efforts now are to meet this and the costs of daily living and treatment that she incurs. Anyone who feels moved to help can donate on Lizzie’s page, and with a $35 donation (and a request when you make it), you will receive a copy of Elizabeth’s book. I am currently reading this right now and it is very moving and thought-provoking.

      Here is the link to her book page:

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