Can you or someone you know help Elizabeth Chalker travel to a life-saving medical appointment?

Hi, I am writing to ask for your help. My friend and fellow chronic Lyme Disease sufferer, Elizabeth Chalker, doesn’t know where else to turn. She is 39 years old, fighting for her life, and has been surviving late stage Lyme disease with many co-infections, systemic Endometriosis and biotoxin (mold) illness, for many years now. She has not been able to get the medical treatment that she needs due to lack of finances, practical help and ignorance in the medical field. She is mostly bed-ridden now due the progressiveness of the diseases and the debilitation they have caused. The only doctors that will even take her ‘complex case’ are in Washington State and Switzerland. She lives in South Florida (Boca Raton). Before Elizabeth can have any treatment to address the Lyme disease, co-infections and Endometriosis, the biotoxin illness has to be medically treated. The doctor who specializes in that is Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker in Maryland. After working very hard to get all of her summaries and medical records together, he has reviewed her case and agreed to take her as a patient. She has a vital appointment scheduled with him in Pocomoke, Maryland for the 21st of June this year. All Elizabeth needs now is a way to get to MD and back!

Dr. Corey Cameron (who is a mom to her and the only one physically going through this season with her daily) and Elizabeth have been calling every Angel/Mercy Flight place they can to get a flight for her. The Angel/Mercy Flights will not take her, as they are volunteer pilots who give of their time and money and can only do short, 300-mile legs, and their planes are too small to accommodate her medical needs. Elizabeth is just not able to take several planes to get to and from Maryland, due to how ill she is physically. They have called private plane charters and the fee is too high. She can’t afford to pay $10,000+ one way. They are unable to drive to and from Maryland because of Elizabeth’s severe light and sound sensitivity, and over-stimulation of her brain and central nervous system from being in a car so long. The only way she can get to Maryland and back is on a non-stop private plane with a pressurized cabin. I am asking if you can please help her make this life-saving appointment? Would you (or someone you know) be able to fly Elizabeth and her mom, Corey, to and from Maryland for the June 21, 2011 appointment with Dr. Shoemaker? All the other travel details, such as hotel, are complete. They would need to get there on Sunday, June 19th and return back home on Thursday, June 23rd.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter. We thank you from the bottoms of your hearts for considering our request.

In gratitude,
Shelley Know-Lyme

PS- Whatever additional information you need/would like to have, they are more than willing to provide. You can contact Elizabeth and her mom, Dr. Corey Cameron at this website:


***Elizabeth is ambulatory to get on and off the plane and I will be with her the whole time… Elizabeth and I take full responsibility for her during the trip.***


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  1. knowlyme says:

    Since Elizabeth needs to be in MD for this vital appointment on the 19th, and has not yet been offered a free flight, we are asking for donations (no amount is too small) to her travel fund through her website:

    Thank you, and God Bless!!!

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