Please Help Save Elizabeth Chalker’s Life

Elizabeth Chalker, only 39, needs a private jet flight from her home in Boca Raton, FL (airport KBCT) to her doctor’s appointment in Salisbury, MD (airport KSBY).  Everything else is set up and arranged other than her transportation to and from her appointment with Dr. Shoemaker on June 21st.  She will need to arrive on the 19th and leave on the 23rd.  Elizabeth’s health is such that she cannot travel by ground or commercial airline due to her specific and unique health challenges (other doctors EC has seen say she should not still be alive, so just the opportunity for her to see the only doctor who thinks he can help save her life).  Please, if you have any connections with someone who owns and can donate the use of a private jet to get her to and from this life-saving opportunity, contact us here or on her website as soon as possible!  Together, we can make a difference, one-life-at-a-time!  Together we can overcome the darkness that is Lyme and let Light prevail! (the video, here, is 2 yrs old and today she is much worse!)

Her special needs for the 2hr. trip, via her best friend Corey (who will be traveling w/her):

“Need a plane that can go: non-stop, is pressurized and one we can bring her wheelchair on that we will need for the trip – and a cooler w ice packs — have to keep her body temp cool i.e., her air conditioner in her apartment stays at 65-67 degrees.”

If all you can do to help Elizabeth is pray, please do that.  We need all the help we can get!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…  Shelley Know-Lyme, praying for a miracle…

ps- Asking Angela, who is watching and helping us from the other side, to use her “angel wings” to pull some “angel strings” to help Elizabeth Chalker.  Not another LD death- NO!!!


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