Our tribute for Angela Quinn Hausman…

How long before the hour-glass runs out
And death puts an end to those who doubt?
How many bridges will we have to burn
Of a friendship for which there can be no return?
How many more lives will we have to pine
Of those who are gone before their time?
How long before people wake and see
The harsh deadly reality of the disease called Lyme?

~ Laura Johns Moore, a fellow Lymie and mutual friend (thank you for sharing your heart)

Angela Quinn Hausman

This poignantly beautiful poem was written by another member of our online Lyme community for our dear fallen Lyme Sister, 36 year-old Angela Quinn Hausman.  Angela lost her 10-year battle to chronic Lyme Disease, which some (IDSA) doctors say does not exist, on Monday, Memorial Day- May 30, 2011.  If CLD didn’t exist, Angela would still be here, right now, caring for her husband and the 2 beautiful young children she left behind.  She would still be spreading her bright light and caring soul in our Facebook Lyme community, cheering us up and on in our fights for our own lives…  We would be able to have the gift of time, getting to know her better, if she had gotten proper treatment for the long-term Borrelia infection that was raging through and devastating her precious body over the course of a decade.  She sought help in the medical community for this devastating disease, who still as a whole, deny how easy-to-get and hard-to-cure Lyme is! How many more of our desperately shining stars have to burn out from this persistent, rapidly-spreading, disabling and deadly disease before we are granted the basic American right to proper diagnosis and treatment? This madness has to stop!

In her father’s own words: “Angela had Lyme Disease. She was bitten by a tick in San Diego over 10 years ago. Doctors treated her for everything under the sun until she finally found a Doctor who specialized in chronic diseases. They almost immediately diagnosed her with Lyme Disease. She suffered for years and the stupid medical profession still won’t admit to the world the devastating effects of that disease. Lyme Disease has now taken another life. She was 36 years old and leaves behind a great husband and two beautiful children. She was my pride and joy and I marveled at all her accomplishments during her short life. She was a magnificent daughter and I am so proud of her. I’ve never before felt the agony I’m feeling now.” ~Steve Quinn

All of us with chronic Lyme Disease are fighting this fight every day, for our lives and our quality of life while an invisible war goes on inside our brains, hearts, & joints- deep into every crevice the spirochete bacteria can find to hide from the pitifully inadequate lab tests that are designed to be so easily evaded.  Angela, you will be dearly missed, even though we were just getting to know the gift that was you, and we will not forget you.  Lyme may affect our memories at times, but we will always remember you, holding you warm in our hearts and feel you with us as our sweet Lyme Angel, as we do our best to keep up the hope, to fight and survive another day.

Anyone who does not know what I am talking about… please, PLEASE watch Under Our Skin and share this award-winning documentary with every person you can.  And then, watch Under The Eightball.  Awareness is how we will change this evil virus called “greed” that has long corrupted our system and caused so much unwarranted death and suffering, in so many other ways besides denying that chronic Lyme Disease exists.



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8 Responses to Our tribute for Angela Quinn Hausman…

  1. knowlyme says:

    All due respect to Angela’s family and loved ones: I know you are going through the worst kind of pain imaginable right now, and I’m praying as hard as I can to ease that pain and bring some kind of peace and comfort to your hearts, somehow, in time… Please know that Angela’s death was not in vain and her name and spirit will continue to live on in the Lyme community as a fallen hero, a fierce Lyme warrior and sister. The only peace I can take from your loss is knowing that she is no longer suffering. God bless you! God bless us all…

  2. Kris the canary sisterLyme(FB) says:

    I’m so sorry for your grief. Angela will be missed. She fought a huge battle against the Lyme Disease that was attacking her body. May God hold you in His loving arms and carry you through every day. Grief never ends. God never ends either. My heart goes out to you.

  3. julie smith says:

    My daughter is 35 and has been battling this disease for 4 years now. I feel so close to you for the daughter’s ages and the madness that surrounds this disease. It is so much more than heartbreaking. I am so sorry and I will continue to pray for you all as a family and for all that are enduring this unbelievable pain from Lyme and the co infections. Please hang in there for those that are left but face your reality with the realization that there are those of us who care very deeply with a heartfelt of love going out to each of you in your family. I am so saddened and so sorry. God bless each of you and may your feel His comfort at this most horrific time. God bless, julie smith and family

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  5. Michelle McKinstry says:

    My heart is deeply saddened for ur loss. I went 23 yrs without knowing the full cause of my illness. Finally Spring 2010 I tested positive for Lyme & Co infections & Epstein Barr. I was tested @ the start & @ different times, always came back something was wrong but couldn’t pin point what it was exactly. To think she passed the day before my 43rd bday as I m prayin I will be able to try & enjoy my day for the sake of my 2 children who were so excited for me. Then on the 4th as u r having her funeral I’m celebrating my daughters 5th bday, just has brought tears to my eyes. Will be getting my kids tested, I pray I didn’t pass it to them. My heart just aches for all her loved ones & her 2 children. I m so very sorry for ur pain & loss & know she will carry on in u as well as all of us who have never met her. To think she passed in the month of Lyme Awareness month & Mothers Day, I can only imagine how difficult the following yrs will be a tough reminder. My thoughts & prayers r with u & I pray that this will be a wake up call that Lyme does take loved ones away. That those who deny & stuff their pockets with cash to deny will see the light. Sending white & green light ur way. Michelle Fontaine McKinstry

  6. Robin Lynn says:

    I am so sorry for your loss! I believe the Lyme community cares as I do care. Just now I have found your message and site. I am a Lyme patient, advocate and activist in North Eastern Pennsylvania (NEPA). Please know I will keep you in my prayers and it is people like you I stand for. God Bless, Robin


  7. Blair Miller says:

    I Had No idea! I always looked forward to Her Post on Facebook & Am very Sadened Of Her passing. She loved Her family So very much! My prayers & sympathy Go out to All her loved ones
    Blair A. Sherwood. MILLER

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